Writing a Good Cover Letter

Writing a good cover letter is necessary for job and career seekers. A cover letter is a short letter that means you don’t have to write a whole lot.  The bad news is the of the letter you send out should be customized to targeted as clear as possible to the employer you’re sending it to.  This should make a tremendous difference in the reception of your resume and of course what this is all about.  So keep the letter short keep the margins wide.  Make it quick and easy to read and make it very targeted towards that employer.

A lot of job seekers  ask me if they have to have a cover letter along with their resume and can they instead just put everything in their resume and send it in an envelope. My answer is always the same. You do need a cover letter along with your resume.  Writing a good cover letter greatly increases the chances of your resume being read and used for a current project or for some future reference by the employer.  So either take the time to learn how to write a good cover letter or simply hire our professional cover letter writing service.  The actual writing off the letter won’t take long because you’re going to keep it short and punchy and you’re going to fit it with your professional personality so that it’s easy and interesting to read. In the last part of your letter you are going to ask for job interview.  That’s right you’re going to keep the initiative going and you are actually going to ask for the interview and you’re not going to take the lead back approach of hope to hear from you.

Writing a good cover letter means that it does not sound like a form letter.  It should sound like you talking in a friendly yet professional way to your prospective employer, so make your letter professional by doing something like referring to something that you would like to talk about in the interview or mentioning someone whom you know and the interviewer knows or has a special connection with the company or you could talk about why that company appeals to you why you want to work there.  One way to get good ideas for this is to browse through sample cover letter is written by other job seekers.  You may find some great lines, but most important you’ll get the inspiration to make your resume truly yours.

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